Effective risk management with Managed SAP Security Services

Linde-AG_Headoffice-MUC_01Linde prioritized transparent and, in particular, timely success to guarantee a completely ensuring the security of their global SAP landscape.

At Linde, the sheer complexity of the SAP Systems meant that a Project of this scale would not be possible with internal resources and security knowhow alone.

In the Success Story, Linde talks about how they managed to relieve the strain on their IT team, while improving system security at the same time.

“The experience of AKQUINETs security experts supported us immeasurably in redesigning our risk management approach. With regard to the analysis an devaluation of our security events in particular, our team will benefit in the long term as a result of the cooperation.”
(Klaus Brenk, Head of Monitoring, QA & Governance)

To the Success Story

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