Can I get rid of this? Handling default RFC connections in SM59

Motiv_SAST-IFM_72dpi_1701In many SAP systems, there are RFC connections which address strange hostnames or even point to Amazon servers. This is due to the fact that SAP transports “RFC data garbage” from its own development computers to the customer during new installations.

Read our practical tip to discover the connections which this affects.

Based on our project experience, you can safely remove the following RFC connections:

Of course, our SAST Suite provides more convenience when analyzing your system interfaces. With our “SAST Interface Management” module, your connections can be analyzed completely automatically, and you can thus use the reports to easily clean and secure all interfaces including RFCs.

Ralf Kempf
Technical Managing Director “SAST” at AKQUINET

Interested in the possibilities SAST Suite offers in Security & Compliance?
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