Do SAP security policies create more security? Not usually…

Motiv_SAST-Security_Bild03_150dpi_1701You might already know that, as of Release 7.40 Sp8, you can use SAP security policies to define user-specific security parameters, contrary to the system profile values. But did you also know that you can inadvertently weaken secure values such as login restrictions and password complexity as a result?

Our practical tip will show you how to effectively prevent such a weakening.

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What does the new SAST Suite 5.0 offer?

Motiv_es_Abschluss_150dpi_1610GRC tools, IT vulnerability analysis, authorization management, SIEM management – these are four of the top five topics cited by IT decision-makers when asked which current and future technologies are of vital importance to them. *

This means that the new release of GRC Suite from AKQUINET – couldn’t have arrived at a better time to offer answers on some of the subjects that are on the minds of these managers right now. In this interview, Lars Henning (product manager for the SAST Suite) presents the highlights of the latest version, along with some helpful tips.

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Unprotected interfaces are attractive Targets for attackers.

shutterstock_331648835_akqw_jpgAnalyze the RFC interfaces of your SAP Systems.

SAP interfaces are often not considered when SAP systems are protected. Therefore, they remain unprotected and provide attractive targets for attackers.

Experience from numerous SAP security audits and penetration tests for SAP systems shows repeatedly that, in almost every SAP system checked, unprotected interfaces exist that could allow attackers direct access to your SAP Systems.

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