About us


Based in Hamburg, Germany, AKQUINET employs a workforce of around 800 people. Our company units are organized into owner-managed midsize enterprises, which means they are both flexible and highly efficient. As a self-financed IT business, we’re also independent of manufacturers and banks.

AKQUINET is your strong and competent specialist SAP partner. Because we provide “SAST”: GRC Software, Security & Compliance Solutions and Managed Services. This means we can offer you all round threat protection – from implementation and optimization to real-time security solutions for ERP and S/4HANA systems. Our SAP Security and Compliance specialists draw on extensive expertise in project management – and naturally at an international level.

More than 200 customers worldwide, rely on our expertise to protect their SAP systems – and over 1.5 million SAP users – from hacker attacks, espionage and data theft.

Secures SAP Systems.